Panoramic Voices gives a Special Thanks to its 20x20 Anniversary Donors!

Eric & Janna Bear
Mary Beth Chalk
Bob & Helen Hays
Bill & Lou Ann Lasher
Pete & Betty Paul
Kim Vitray
Hilary & Stan Young

These are the first seven of 20 donors that we are seeking to provide the funding for Panoramic Voices so that we can grow and carry out our mission of choral musical excellence and innovation during the next 20 years! Will you join them?

Artistic Director’s Circle ($10,000+)

Cultural Arts Division, City of Austin
Texas Commission on the Arts

Advocate ($5,000-$9,999)

Janna & Eric Bear
Mary Beth Chalk
Helen & Bob Hays
Lou Ann & Bill Lasher
Betty & Pete Paul
Kim Vitray
Hilary & Stan Young

Trustee ($2,500-$4,999)

Carol & Bob Hayden

Virtuoso ($1,000-$2,499)

Lissa Anderson
Brent Baldwin
Mia Hsu & Ken Burton
Marcia Dambry & Tom Barber
Emily & J. L. Gray
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
Leslie & Phil Pollack
Bernadette Tasher
Bonnie & Gary Lockhart
Michael McGowan

Cantata ($500-$999)

Suzanne & Eric Batchelder
Susan & Richard Cody
Ann & Raymond Ellison
Seaufy Peg Frey
Holly and John McDaniel
Jane Montgomery
Charlotte & Gary Moser
C.L. Renaud
Shirley Smitth
Kathy Hymel
Lisa Jones & Tom Westrup
Frank Yang

Intermezzo ($250-$499)

Anne Bertholf
Apple Inc.
Julia Ardery & Bill Bishop
Classical Musical Consortium of Austin
Barbara Ellis
Jennifer Inglis Hudson
Margaret Jolly
Roberta & Mark Long
Danna & Tom McVey
Erik Olson
Sylvia & Peter Pope
Bryan Uecker
Ann & Evan Wilson








Sonata ($100-$249)

Leoda Anderson
Ellen Buckmaster
Linda & David Cameron
Sam Colletti
Dell Direct Giving Campaign
Beverly Donoghue
Constance Esau
Gail E. Gibbons
Glenda Goehrs
Kathryn Govier
Susan Hinton
Georgina Hudspeth
Jennifer Hymel
Rob & Karen Johnson
Trish & Bob Karli
Karen Kershaw
Marilla & Carter King
Lily Kirsanow
Irene Kirschenbaum
Carl League
Holly Noelke
Amy and David Pooley
Relia Mae Fund
Rebecca Mercado
Elspeth Sharp
Balazs Sallay
Colten & Kathleen Smith
Annette Stachowitz
Barbara Tuttle
Michelle Verna
Debra & Robert Watkins
Douglas Watson
Dan Welcher
Doreen Wheeler
Joyce & Daniel Wilson
Lori Wrotenbery


Panoramic Voices also thanks all donors of gifts under $100 and regrets that space does not allow listing each name.  Their support is equally appreciated.