Rehearsal Preparation Page

Thursday, September 13

While any of our repertoire may be rehearsed on Thursday, please focus your practice on the following musical spots:

 Corigliano: Fern Hill

- bars 29-58: focus on light & lyrical legato lines; gentle soprano float on the higher notes

- bars 69-99: work out some of the trickier notes/harmonies (the sound files can be especially helpful here)

- bars 112-127: see 29-58

- we’ll go through the rest of the first half (147-192), too, though we’ll focus mainly on the bars above. This stuff gets tricky, though, so please do be working on it!

 Vaughan Williams: Toward the Unknown Region

- bars 12-95 will be our primary focus

 Dana Falconberry set

- we’ve posted the live sound files from our 2015 concert below (and also on the singer resource page). Please listen and sing along to get a sense of style, what extra parts we’ve added that aren’t in your sheet music, etc.

 A note on divisi: we will work out final numbers in upcoming sectionals, but if you’ve sung with PV before, use your past designations. If you’re new, go with what feels best in your voice for now.

Sopranos: let’s all of us focus on soprano 2 for the time being.

Snail Shells Cora Cora Leelanau