SINGER terms and conditions


Panoramic Voices welcomes singers from throughout the Austin area. Although the majority of our projects are open to any singer without audition, our ranks include many experienced singers. While an enjoyable social experience for its members, it maintains a serious approach with regard to musical standards, commitment, and positivity in interactions with one another.

Please periodically refer to our Singer Resource Page on our website for updates on specific project requirements. 

Rehearsal and Concert Schedule

Panoramic Voices holds its regular rehearsals at Central Christian Christian Church at 1110 Guadalupe St, 78701. The rehearsal location may change to the actual concert venue as we get closer to performances. Singers may find the complete rehearsal/performance calendar here. Please note that all rehearsal and performance dates are subject to change. Members will be notified of these changes whenever they arise.


Concert repertoire for our non-auditioned chorus are as follows:

September 15, 2019: Blanton Soundspace

  • Mack Felix Hoxie: mythos (world premiere performance)

  • R. Eric McMaster: A Room and a Field (world premiere performance)

November 16, 2019: Feather on the Breath

  • Gabriel Fauré: Requiem

  • Kitty Xiao: Feather on the Breath (world premiere performance) 

  • Arvo Pärt’s Berliner Messe will be performed by the Panoramic Voices Chamber Chorus (audition info here), and the orchestra will present a short work by the late composer George Walker.

December 19, 2019: Rocking Holiday @ The Blanton

  • Works by various artists, as arranged by Brent Baldwin. The complete concert list will be published and shared on the Singer Resource Page in the coming weeks.

February 14 & 15, 2020: Dido and Aeneas with LOLA 

  • Henry Purcell: Dido and Aeneas (choral movements)

  • Carlos Cordero: Title TBD (world premiere performance)

April 2020: possible Fusebox Festival performance in collaboration with Yulia Lanina

  • Fusebox will confirm all performers by September 2019.

May 21, 2020: New Works with Tetractys 

August 8, 2020: Indie Orchestra Night

  • Works by various guest artists, as arranged/orchestrated by Brent Baldwin.

We request choristers to be conscientious when it comes to rehearsal attendance, adhering to a two-absence maximum per project (which may vary slightly depending on project length), in order to keep up with the demands of the music. It is the discretion of the Artistic Director, upon consultation with professional musicians that function as Section Leaders, as to whether a chorister who has accumulated two or more rehearsal absences is performance ready, considering knowledge of the concert repertoire, and experience. To check your status for a particular project if you have had two or more rehearsal absences, please inquire with our Chorus Liaison, Katrina Saporsantos at

Attendance Policy

Singers are asked to observe the following guidelines at rehearsals. Please:

Arrive to rehearsals or performance call times a few minutes early, so that we may begin on time. Regrets should be sent in advance if you are unable to attend. In case of unplanned absences or lateness, please send an email to If you miss a rehearsal, please get the Artistic Director’s notes from your Section Leader or an experienced singer in your section before the next rehearsal. Please also check the Singer Resource Page for additional notes and updates.

  • Pay attention to what is happening during the rehearsal, whether it’s the Artistic Director, Section Leaders, or a fellow chorister leading it. Although Panoramic Voices rehearsals are conducted in a relaxed and fun manner, respect for the music and each others’ time is of utmost importance; therefore, time for chatting with friends and fellow choristers, or using your cell phone for texting or making calls, should only be done during the break or before and after rehearsals, not during. 

  • Come prepared and practiced. Practice lists and suggestions for home practice will be provided on the Singer Resource page.

  • Bring your own water container and stay hydrated. 

  • Bring a pencil to rehearsal so you can transcribe Artistic Director’s notes onto your music. Tablet users are free to use whatever will allow them to do this on their devices.

  • Number the measures in your sheet music.

  • Procure a plain black, standard-sized binder/folder for your music. If using a tablet for your music, please be sure it has a black case/cover.

Rehearsal Guidelines

We expect all singers to be helpful in maintaining our inclusive model by remaining open to alternative voicing based on the musical needs of the project. This is why we ask that you indicate your preferred (as opposed to your known) voice part. For instance: a singer who is used to singing Soprano 1 in another ensemble may be asked to sing Soprano 2, a number of Alto 2’s may be asked to help out a smaller Tenor 1 section, etc. Your openness to the Artistic Director’s request for alternative voicing is appreciated and will help balance voices across all sections.


Please observe the following guidelines at performances:

  • Hold your black folder/tablet with black cover in your upstage hand (away from the audience) when entering and exiting the stage.

  • Refrain from talking on stage, even if it’s to give “instructions” to a fellow chorister.

  • Raise and lower your black folder/tablet when the Artistic Director steps onto or down from the podium.

  • Turn the pages of your music as quietly as possible. 

  • Refrain from wearing fragrances as some people have hypersensitivity to scents and this can trigger (sometimes life-threatening) respiratory issues.


Performance attire

For November 16, 2019, and for February 14 & 15, 2020:

  • Solid black dress or any combination of a solid black top plus solid black skirt or dress pants

  • All: black shoes (with black socks, when necessary)

For all other 2019-2020 performances:

  • Panoramic Voices t-shirt plus solid black pants or skirt or jeans

  • All: black shoes (with black socks, when necessary)

Note: The attire described above applies only to performances, and not for Dress Rehearsals.

Panoramic Voices is a singer-driven collective. In its first twenty years of existence, Panoramic Voices charged an annual participation fee ranging from $150 to $480 per singer/per season. In 2016, in our desire to be as hyper-inclusive as possible, our Artistic Director and Board worked out a method by which singers could simply make a tax-deductible donation to help with the organization’s expenses such as hiring orchestras; remunerating composers for new commissions; paying for top-notch/award-winning Artistic Direction; renting scores and concert venues; advertising our concerts; supporting other non-profits via benefit concerts, and many more.

In order to help sustain all of Panoramic Voices’ good works in the community, we simply ask that each singer bear in mind the cost of our organization’s year-round work (an annual budget of roughly $165,000), and to be as generous in their support as is possible.

Singers’ Costs

Panoramic Voices engages in as much professional marketing for concerts as allowed by its modest marketing budget. To ensure that we sing to full audiences and heighten awareness of our own events within the ever-active Austin arts community, we expect our singers to actively promote the organization through social media, email, direct invites to family/friends, etc. 

While there is no minimum ticket sale requirement for our members, we request that singers do their utmost to help sell tickets to help ensure their hard work is rewarded by singing to the fullest house possible.

As an ambassador of Panoramic Voices, recruitment of other positively-minded singers throughout the season is always encouraged!

Singers’ Ambassadorship

Panoramic Voices aims to create a safe and positive environment for its people - leadership, staff, members alike. In order to do this, we must safeguard acceptable standards of behavior from those associated with our organization. 

  • Be respectful of the leadership (Artistic Director, Section Leaders, Board Members, etc), staff, and other members of the organization. 

  • For everyone’s safety, please avoid attending rehearsals and performances if you are intoxicated, severely ill or contagious, or under heavy medication.

  • It is the goal of Panoramic Voices to be a hyper-inclusive organization. We welcome all people of good will, and expect our folks to be similarly welcoming of all others in our organization, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, parental status, veteran status, military discharge status, citizenship status or source of income or any other protected status.

    • Choose your words carefully. Pay special attention to the use of people's preferred names and pronouns. Make sure you are not using oppressive language (dis/ableist, racist, sexist, ageist, sizeist, etc.) 

    • Check yourself, especially when it comes to microaggressions and implicit bias. Be mindful of what you say and how you act. Impact is very different from and more important than intent. 

    • Respect the personal space of others, and be sensitive to verbal and nonverbal cues. 

  • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to negative, untoward, abusive, or unacceptable behavior towards anyone in Panoramic Voices or any of its guests and collaborators. Any act of misconduct will call for a review of an individual’s status with the organization.

Code of Conduct